Welcome to Pague ~ Part I

Today my parents and I came to Prague, capital city of Czech Republic.

It took us about 6 hours or more to get here.

First impression of Prague:

1) Beutiful city. Looks like Vienna though XD
2) Alcohol. Everywhere you look there's alcohol. Especially Absinth. They seem to drink and sell this stuff everywhere. Beer is really cheap! It costs only about 1,50 €. Food is also not really expensive.

That's the Moldau river and the Charles Bridge. In the Back you can see the Castle of Prague.
It looks so beautiful at night!

Charles Bridge.

The biggest Music Club and discotheque in Central Europe! I want to go there so much.
But unfortunately I don't have anyone to go with and I don't want to go alone... D:

We went to an original restaurant and had traditional food and beer.

On my way home we stopped at a shop to buy drinks and water for the hotel. There are so many shops calles "mini market" that are opened all night. Like convenience stores.
I wish we had that in Austria as well... it's so useful!


well that's it for today. I need to sleep since my parents want to go sight seeing tomorrow very early!

keep smiling~

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