New Hair Color


Today I went to the hairdresser.
I wanted to bleach my hair again. But, the hairdresser told me that I can't anymore 'cause my scalp doesn't tolerate the bleach anymore. I get bruises and stuff...
So we decided on a darker colour.

I like that colour. It's somewhere between ash blonde and light brown. Depending on the light it looks greyish or silver.
I still have to dye my extensions in the same colour so that I can wear them again. ^^
Keep smiling :)


  1. find ich echt schick :3 steht dir, aber ich würd nicht jede woche was an deinen haaren machen, sonst hast du bald keine mehr xD

  2. @sniitz:
    Ich hab zum allerersten mal seit über einem jahr meine haare gefärbt! ô___ô xDD also wtf?