My new bellybutton piercing

When Seita stayed at my place on Sunday, we talked about me getting a new (second) bellybutton piercing.
I wasn't sure at all wheter to do it or not.
Because of the money, ya know. Piercings are so expensive... T^T

So we went to the city on monday and I was like:
"okay I'll do it."
5 min. later.
"nah, I'll wait for another month or two..."
5 min. later.
"okay, I want it right now..."
10 minutes later.
"but it's too expensive! I'm not gonna spend so much money on that"
10 minutes later.
"but I want it!!!!"

well I changed my mind about 1886265 times before I actually decided to do it.

It didn't hurt really. Just a short pain, nothing special.

I was really surprised that it only hurt for a short time when I was at home.
After one hour I didn't feel it anymore and even now there's no pain unless you touch it directly (which happened once accidently)

Took that pic in the morning. An there's one of my cats in the background.

That's it for today guys.

Keep smiling :)

1 comment:

  1. DU bist so süß auf deinem letzten Bild <3
    und überhaupt bist du toll und süß und megusta @ neues piercing <3 xD