Spent the last three days in munich (^3^)
And it was aaaawesome!

Monday was Baku's birthday. And she took me to a very nice japanese restaurant.
After that we went to a bar with with Wacchi, Markus, Mika, Lina, a guy named Goh and another one named Maxi.
We had a lot of fun :D

That's what I looked that day btw.

Thursday Baku and I almost spend the whole day in bed. Haha xD We slept until 2 p.m. and it took us another two hours to get up! XD

At 5 p.m. we met Markus and Maxi in the city.
We walked around a bit and had bubble-tee!! I just can't get enough of that stuff!

Markus and I had the same flavour. Black milk teat with coconut flavour and tapioka pearls.

Oh, look what Baku gave me when I arrived at munich!

It's an original checki of Shyna (singer of V-Last). WOAH YOU CAN'T IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!! (That's thomas cat Hiro in the background btw XD)

So here's a better pic of the checki :)

Today Baku went to England to see her father for 11 days.
I already miss her. (T__T)

I hope she will have a lot of fun there.

I'm still staying at thomas' place (which will be my future flat too, 'cause I am moving in here in september/october) but I will drive back to Austria in the evening :)

Until next time,
Keep smiling!! ;)

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