Hello my beautiful colors~

Sorry for not updating recently I was....
lazy. no excuses xD

Well 2 weeks ago we went to LM.C's live and signing session. It was really cool!!

These were my outfits for signing session and concert:

We drank pretty much at the concert and it was really fun!
After the concert I made a picture with two cute cosplayers who came from and Rin.

Last week I got my new Ma*rs stuff! *^* ↓↓↓↓

I got this skirt von Natsu, thank you!

And the two dresses. They look really cute when worn. the colors on the pic are shitty tho. 

Sooo wednesday iiiiis....


can't wait! ;A;

See you next time~

keep smiling. 

Hiki <3


  1. you look great *_* love the outfits!

  2. your new dresses look very cute ^.^ Oh so annoying that cool stuff like that is hard to get in europe XD

  3. The clothes look great! And you're so pretty (: The skirt is definitely my favorite out of all of these *w*
    By the way, I tagged you for this award: http://www.alternativekei.com/2012/07/altkeis-first-award-yay.html