Welcome to 2012

Hello readers!

Long time no see.

How was your christmas?

Mine was good!

I had a nice and pieceful evening with my family. ♪(´ε` )

Home was so beautifully decorated <3

christmas style. 

At New Year's Eve we went to Dodo's place.
We had a Party with Mika, Seita, Dodo, Sozo, Kou and Chrissi <3

We had a lot of alcohol and fun~ I'm not sure what else I should write about it.

uuuhm Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me. It means a lot to me, when my beloved people spend New Year's Eve with me~ <3 I love you

As you can see, I am a real artist. XD

Yesterday I had a hangover. 

That was all about yesterday. xD

Today Seita and I slept until 2.p.m. and then we watched a movie. HOW INTERESTING! 
after that we went to the city, met mika, went shopping and herped derped .

I was in MAKE-UP HEAVEN!!!!!!!
srsly M.A.C. is one of the best brands when it comes to make-up!
but it's expensive as fuck. 

Nevertheless I bought myself a concealer. 
Because I'm a princess. ♡

that's it for now~

HAVE A WONDERFUL 2012 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! stay healthy! have fun!


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  1. Hahaha ! I love the balloons XD Im glad you had a good New year and christmas :D